Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fighter/ Warrior Guide

Fighters/ Warriors are a good solo class, meaning all exp/ items/ gold from mobs, are yours. Also they have good attacking power, weather on NM, HM or UM. They are good if you wish to solo most/ all of the time. A duo is also good with a priest/ oracle, because of there healing powers.


PvP Fighter/ Warrior:::

For NM, the best thing to do for PvP would be 3STR and 2DEX, the 3STR gives you good attacking power and 2DEX gives you time to survive, and with the STR you can attack and survive at the same time.

Leveling Fighter/ Warrior:::

As the same as a PvP Fighter/ Warrior you should do 3STR and 2DEX, this, again is for good attack power and survival time. Because you are soloing most of the time, it's important that you get your build right and keep to it. You could experiment with builds but this is generally thought to be the best build.


PvP Fighter/ Warrior :::

For HM the best stats that you can do would be 4STR and 3DEX. This is for good attacking power and also surviving, that would be the basic thing to do. but you could do 3STR 4DEX if you want to survive longer, but your attack power would not be that good.

Leveling Fighter/ Warrior:::

For HM you should do similar to PvP, 4STR and 3DEX this is the basic leveling stats, but, again, you could do 5STR and 2DEX, the 3STR and 4DEX method wouldn't be advisable because you are going to beAlternatives:::

You can also move around STR and DEX for levels, so every other level do 3STR 2DEX then 2STR and 3DEX for NM. For HM you could do 5STR 2DEX then 4STR 3DEX... and more variations like that, but never add just ONE skill point onto something because it won't add up enough to be powerful.

ULTIMATE MODE:::From this information i think that you can decide where to put your points for Ultimate Mode, just remember that here, if you die you will LOSE your character FOREVER, UNLESS resurrected with level TWO res or with a 'res rune'.

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